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The Titanic

Who doesn’t know this schip and the sad story behind it?

The ship was owned by the shipping company White Star Line and was built in Belfast. On the night of 14 on April 15, 1912 the Titanic was on its maiden voyage shortly before midnight collided with an iceberg, a portion of the starboard side was pierced in several places, and the ship was sunk within three hours.

1522 people on board were killed. While this is to some victims not the biggest shipping disaster in history, it is the best known, especially since the ship was known as “unsinkable” .

In 1985 the wreck recovered led by Robert Ballard, causing a lot of information about the ship and its fatal voyage came to light. Three large ship sections and a smaller amount of particles on lay 3800 meters deep at the bottom of the ocean.

Although the wreck is of course too deep to be dived with normal compressed air, it will always remain a very interesting object among divers.

The wreck of the Titanic. Watch it on the video below.

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