Storm in Side and damage at the dive center

21/09/2016 Side Azura admin

Storm in Side and damage at the dive center

That’s life. One day we post about the incredible accomplishment of winning the title of Diving Company of the Year in the European Luxury Travel Guide 2017 Awards and the next day we need to write about sad news.

Yesterday we had an incredible storm in Side. It lasted about half an hour, but wow, the damage that this storm left behind in the area in his 30 minutes of rage is devastating. The dive center has damage as well, but it’s nothing compared with what we’ve seen at the hotels. It’s sad for everyone. Geçmiş olsun (get well soon) to all hotels, companies and people who suffered from it. The cleanup and recovery will take some time but we’re sure everyone will work hard, as we still have one busy month of the season ahead of us.

The dive center suffered quite some damage as well. We certainly can imagine and understand when our (potential) guests will be shocked after seeing the dive center in this state of being, but we decided not to repair the damage at this time. Our season will end in a couple of weeks and during winter we will repair and maintain the dive center anyway.  Doing it now, would also mean that we need to close our doors for a couple of days during the last very busy month of the season and we prefer to stay open to serve our guests. (Like we said, we need to keep in mind that hotels will close soon and the weather will soon prevent us from diving)  Agreed, it’s not a pretty picture (We hate to see the dive center like this as much as you do 🙁 ) but it poses no further obstacles and we continue to do our best to give each of our guests an amazing time under water. That’s all what count!

Are you interested in diving with us? Please feel free to contact us for more information or browse this website to find out what your options are as novice and certified diver. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Side Underwater Museum!

Garden of the hotel after the storm

Credits: Side Azura | PADI dive center

Center of Side during the storm

Credits: Adem Turan





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