Season 2016 has come to an end

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31/10/2016 Side Azura admin

Season 2016 has come to an end


Season 2016 is one not to forget. We love this job, we love to make people happy and to give them a great experience. We like to think about guest saying in a couple of years “wow remember that vacation? That was amazing!” We love it. But it’s no secret that working in the touristic sector is a hard job. Working 7 days a week, 10 to 15 hours a day for 7 months in a row, giving try-outs in the pool, doing pool dives, beach dives, sea dives for beginners and certified divers and complete courses as well.

Hard, but very worth it! But 2016 was different in many ways. Turkey experienced quite some turbulence, although many cities (like Side) didn’t feel it. Life went on, but foreign newspapers spent attention about Turkey in not a very positive way. People started to be scared and cancelled their holiday. That was such a pity! It made 2016 a very difficult year for all of us. But, like we always do, we kept our heads up, did our job with heart and soul like we always do and in this way we managed to stay on the radar. Because despite the situation, you do your job with passion or not at all!

The highlights were that we won the Project AWARE #MyDiveSite competition, received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and that we won the title ‘Diving Company of the Year’ in the European Luxury Travel Guide 2017 Awards. Really awesome accomplishments! Other important news, not to forget, is that we are pregnant of little diver number 2! Hooray! We will welcome our baby (boy or girl, we don’t know for sure yet!) around April, 5, 2017 into the world. The storm in September this year which caused lots of damage at the dive center and in the area is also something not to forget.

And now suddenly the end of this season arrived. Today was our last day and as of tomorrow November 1st, we’ll close our doors like many hotels do or already did. Now it’s our turn to enjoy our holiday and to catch up some sleep. But not for long! Around January our preparations for the new season will begin again. Reparations at the dive center, arranging the necessary licences, maintenance at the boat (we’ll get a new boat!), tanks and all other dive gear and so on are all important things that need to be done before we open our doors again in March / April 2017.

And of course we hope to see you again! Sinan, I and our team will be waiting for you! Please do not hesitate to send us a message via our Facebook page or email via de contactform below this page if you would like to receive more information. Of course we will keep updating our social media accounts during winter as well!

Best wishes and until next year,



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