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New website online

Like we mentioned in our previous post, we had serious problems with our website, which made us decide to start all over again.

And we think we made a huge improvement with it! We are still looking where we can improve, so, so now and then you’ll find new stuff on the website. But we think the new website is great and all necessary information is online. (Pricing information can be requested by e-mail / private message like it was before)

The website is easy to use. You just need to scroll down to see most of the information. You can select in the menu extra information if required. The website is responsive, which means that the size automatically adjust to the system you’re using like a laptop, tablet or your mobile phone.

At this moment, the website is only available in English. We’re now going to work on the Dutch, German and Turkish site. They will come online one by one in the next few months. When the website comes online in another language, we’ll let you know by posting an update. Till then, you can always contact us in your own language via the contact form at the bottom of the website.

The website is made for your ease and your feedback is always appreciated. Did you find any mistakes, or do you think that we miss information? Please let us know.

We thank you for your patience. We are happy that the website is working again and you can always rely on us for a great holiday activity.

We take the opportunity to thank everybody for a great season. The weather is not in our favor this week so we cancelled our dives for now. At the end of the weekend we’ll look at the possibilities. The season is nearly to it’s end and we served many many people. We had a blast and we hope you did too! For now we do not have a closure date yet. So if you want to dive, just let us know. Many hotels are closing at the end of this month but we stay open till probably the second week of November, depending on the spirit of the vacationers.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information.

With kind regards,

Jazz Şenat


Would you like to receive pricing and / or other information? Please contact us via the contact form below or send us a message by WhatsApp.

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