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Facts About Scuba Diving Safety

Many people ask the question,”Is scuba diving safe?” They hear about a diver who died while pursuing their hobby and they question the safety of scuba. It is true a small number of divers do die every year. Most of these deaths are not due to equipment failure as some people might suspect, but are due to inadequate or no training, diving in extreme conditions or diving beyond their personal diving limitations.

The fact is diving is safer than it has ever been. If you have the correct training and follow some recommended safe diving practices , you will rarely have problems. Today scuba training is very thorough, with the focus being put on rescue skills and diving in buddy pairs.

Our staff offer professionally trained diving lessons and they are also constantly trained on the latest techniques of diving and diving sport. We attach a great importance to the quality and safety of our equipment, which we keep up to date and regularly maintain and renew. We offer daily try-outs in the pool. This, to have constant contact with our guests and to show the necessary training for the upcoming Scuba Discovery dive. For new divers is it a good way to practice and learn.

One of the most important facts about scuba diving is knowing how deep you can go. Divers are limited by physical laws to a certain amount of time underwater and a maximum depth. The recreational (no-decompression) diving limit is 40 meters. Recreational diving can be defined as diving to a certain depth for a certain amount of time and being able to make a slow, direct ascent to the surface without doing staged decompression stops and without sufficient risk of decompression sickness.

Basic Facts About Scuba Diving is, that almost anyone can learn to scuba! There is a basic level of health and fitness that you need to have in order to be safe and to enjoy your time underwater.

There are many scuba classes for kids under 14 years of age. Being a senior citizen is not a problem either. There are also training programs for the disabled so they too can enjoy the sport of scuba diving.


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