General information

The dive center is founded in 2010 and carried for a long time the name Turkuaz Side. The dive center has since 2015 the name Side Azura and is located in Side Sorgun, Turkey.

Sinan has had a long career in the diving world, and had for many years the deep desire to start a dive center of his own. Jazz came from the Netherlands and worked in the world of an ICT helpdesk at an international law firm till 2009. She met Sinan during holidays and discovered through him the wonderful world of diving. After her first experience, she rapidly started to desire a diving career as well.

Sinan and Jazz have since December 18, 2014 a son, named Sinan Ege, since March, 29, 2017 a daughter Nevin Ellie and now they continue their Scuba dream as a family.
After a few turns, Jazz and Sinan placed their dive center between the two beautiful 5 star All Inclusive hotels Arcanus Side Resort (Previous Asteria Sorgun Resort) and Voyage Sorgun in Sorgun. With just 4 km from the old city center of Side, the dive center is easily accessible. The dive center offers their services also to the hotels Barut Sensatori and for everyone else that would like to join.

The location is ideal. Besides that Side Azura can serve novice and experienced divers from the four hotels as mentioned, the beach, where the dive center is located, is also accessible via a public road. This widens the possibilities.
The area is the proud owner of the ‘blue flag’. The Blue Flag is an international environmental brand which is annually awarded to beaches and marinas. The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services.  The staff at the dive center are proud that they too can contribute to keep everything clean and tidy!
The main goal is to ensure that you, as valued guest, get an unforgettable Scuba dive experience. You are on a well deserved vacation and time is precious. This is why the staff try to accommodate to the best time that fits you.  When you decide to go diving or follow a course with Side Azura, you will not lose a whole day. The daily schedule is highly flexible, so we adapt our schedule to your wishes. You’re able to do a course in 3-5 days.
As you may know, some dive centers will take you in the morning on their boat where you will spend the entire day with dozens of other guests. In the afternoon, when the twilight comes up, you are deposited back into the harbour. Thus you lose precious vacation time. In addition, children and beginners are not able to try it out in the pool. The method of Side Azura | diving center is therefore different. We keep it personal and do not participate in the ‘mass production’ as other centers might do. If you're a beginner you'll need to go to the pool to try it first. But even with this extra service it will not take more than 2 hours. We created our diving options especially for you so that you still have plenty of time for other activities. Possibly you’ll dive with other vacationers, but the group will always remain small. In this way we guarantee the service we’d like to provide and we can ensure that you receive the attention that you deserve. In the end, we want you to have a great dive whilst sticking to all the safety requirements
Guests that wish to make a booking in advance through internet are required to make arrangements for making a deposit payment at least 48 hours before the program starts. Balance due for the diving program will be due on the first day of the program and can only be done in cash at the dive center. Guests that wish to make a booking in advance through internet will receive within 24 hours from the booking an e-mail with the payment specifications. It is recommended to book your dive in advance during high season. (June / July / August / October)  The date and time can be adjusted in consultation with the diving center if required.
  • Partial payment of 30 euro per person from the total amount is required on bookings.
  • This payment can be done by bank transfer to The Netherlands, in cash at the dive center or via credit card using PayPal.
  • The full amount of the activity due by the guest to Side Azura | PADI dive center, must be paid prior to the time of all courses and dive trips.
  • Payments at the dive center can only be done in cash or digitally via PayPal / credit card when you have internet.
  • Side Azura | PADI dive center accepts cash payments in Euro, Turkish Lira, GP Pounds and US Dollars.
  • At the time of paying the Euro Exchange Rate will be consulted.
  • We do not have a pin device at the dive center, hence payments by (bank) card cannot be accepted
We are a young and developing company and we provide all kind of services. Beside the tryouts for beginners, we have interesting packages for adults and youngsters starting with the age of 8. We offer several possibilities for novice and certified divers and complete (eLearning) course programs from CMAS and PADI as well. You can also rely on us for diving equipment. We sell professional diving masks, snorkel sets, fins and new + second hand wet-suits (both long-suits and shorties) and other scuba related souvenirs.
We can offer all information in Turkish, English, German, Dutch and Russian.
All our locations are nearby the dive center and easily accessible with our speedboat. The transfer time varies between 3 and 10-15 minutes depending on the diving location.
All our equipment undergoes all the annual mandatory checks and services.


Would you like to receive pricing and / or other information? Please contact us via the contact form below or send us a message by WhatsApp.